Birth stories

Sarah1These stories come from our friends, the local women who have found support with Cambridge VBAC Friends and have kindly shared their powerful birth stories to inspire other women following in their footsteps.

Sarala’s two VBACs in the Rosie Delivery Unit and the Rosie Birth Centre as told by her doula

Rachel’s (planned & accidental) homebirth HBAC with midwives from West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds

“My job is simply to be there to support my wife…”A story of homebirth after caesarean from the birth partner’s perspective

“Have you really thought this through?” Rachel’s experience of planning a homebirth after caesarean (HBAC)

Suzzy’s VBAC at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon

Harriet’s speedy VBAC at 35wks at the Rosie Hospital

“Nothing in my life will top this experience.” Becca’s homebirth after caesarean (HBAC)

Jane’s VBAC at Hinchingbrooke Hospital following induction for gestational diabetes and concerns about HELLP syndrome

“It took courage to fight for what I knew was best for me and my baby.” Ellie’s homebirth after caesarean (HBAC)

Chloé’s story and video of a VBAC waterbirth in the new pool room at the Rosie Hospital’s delivery unit

Becca’s story of a VBAC in the Rosie Hospital’s delivery unit

Kirsty’s story of a VBAC in the Rosie Birth Centre

Lora’s homebirth after caesarean (HBAC)

Sarah’s story of a midwife-led VBAC birth in the Rosie Hospital’s delivery unit

Rachel’s story of a home VBAC -> gentle caesarean

Kirsty’s story of a VBAC in The Rosie Birth Centre

Rachel’s story of a gentle caesarean at Peterborough Hospital

If you would like to contribute your story, please email us at

If you would like to connect with other local women planning birth after caesarean, join our private online support group, you can read more about it on support page.

And for monthly face-to-face support, there’s the Cambridge Birth Choices free drop-in group, held on the second Friday of the month at Cambridge Women’s Resource Centre and the last Friday of the month at Satyam Yoga Centre.