Sarah’s story of a midwife-led VBAC in The Rosie delivery unit

Sarah1Sarah received superb one-to-one midwife care for the birth of her second daughter and had a VBAC birth in The Rosie delivery unit. Here’s her story…

“My first daughter was born by elective caesarean (ELCS) on 31st May 2012 after a scan at 38 weeks showed she was breech. I attempted a ECV (an external cephalic version is when an obstetrician tries to manually turn the baby into a head-down position), which I found horrendous, but it failed. The ELCS was booked for when she was 39 +1 weeks and all went absolutely fine.

I assumed with my second pregnancy that I would be given the option of another caesarean or to try for a vaginal birth (VBAC). In the first few months I was thinking an ELCS may be best as I knew what to expect and could plan and prepare for it. It wasn’t until I had a meeting at the VBAC clinic, at around 22 weeks, that I realised the emphasis is very much on trying for a vaginal birth. A second ELCS was not considered as an option. The midwife I had the meeting with assured me the odds were in my favour of having a safe and straightforward VBAC and I left feeling empowered and determined to achieve it. It wasn’t until this point that I realised how cheated I felt that for my first birth I didn’t even experience a single contraction.

Sarah2My second daughter was born on 10th September 2014, a VBAC! The whole experience was amazing. I was happy to deliver in the delivery unit and never raised the possibility of going to the Rosie Birth Centre as for me knowing I would be closely monitored was a reassurance. My midwife, Alberto, barely left the room from the time I arrived (around 3am) to the time my daughter was born at 11.59am. He kept me so calm and I never lost the feeling of control. When he told me her head was out, I remember saying: “Does this mean I definitely won’t need a caesarean?” and when he replied that I definitely was going to do it all myself (just on gas and air) I burst into tears! I was so proud of myself.

The recovery was so much easier after a vaginal birth and particularly second time round having to run around after a toddler I was so grateful to have been given the support to achieve my VBAC.

So, both my birth experiences were positive and I cannot fault the maternity staff at the Rosie at all. My husband and I have always said we will only have two children and after such great births a part of me is sad to know I won’t experience that magical time again.

If you would like to connect with other local women planning birth after caesarean, join our private online support group, you can read more about it on support page.

There’s information about this hospital on The Rosie’s Hospital VBAC data page, including its VBAC guidelines and VBAC rates.

And for monthly face-to-face support, there’s the Cambridge Birth Choices free drop-in group, held on the second Friday of the month at Cambridge Women’s Resource Centre and the last Friday of the month at Stir Cafe.


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