Good news! The Rosie Birth Centre is now an option for VBACs

In September 2012 The Rosie Birth Centre opened at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge (UK) to women with ‘low risk’ pregnancies.

Women planning a VBAC are automatically labelled ‘high risk’. This means choice is limited to the Rosie’s obstetric-led Delivery Unit, home, or for those living further afield, another hospital.© Kirsty Houston

Last October (2014) we heard from two members of The Rosie’s Maternity Services Liaison Committee with some news.

Although guidelines hadn’t officially changed, i.e. women planning a VBAC will still be advised to birth in the Rosie Delivery Unit, they have changed the governance, which means if a VBAC mum makes the informed decision to birth in the Rosie Birth Centre instead, they will *respect her choice*.

Consultant midwife Jan Butler worked really hard to achieve this. 

It may not sound much but it’s a big deal for women who want the choice to birth in the Rosie Birth Centre, and everyone involved with Cambridge VBAC Friends is over the moon (and secretly hoping we influenced things!).

It’s now March 2015 and this may be considered ‘old news’ but through our peer support work we know women are not being made aware of this change.

If you have any concerns or questions or would like to talk about this topic privately, please join Cambridge VBAC Friends’ private facebook group (posts will not appear in your newsfeed).

To discuss your options for a midwife-led birth contact Jan Butler, consultant midwife at The Rosie.

And please help us spread the word!


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